Share Quarantine Memories for Regional Archive

June 17, 2020
BETHLEHEM, N.Y. – Our community is experiencing a historic moment of the 21st century. Although many may be eager to put the Coronavirus pandemic behind us, we have a unique opportunity to share recent memories, express our voices and listen to one another. It won’t be long before a new generation will ask, “What was living through the pandemic like?”

Bethlehem Public Library would like to collect recent memories of life during quarantine. Community members are encouraged submit their thoughts, along with images, video or audio clips, including interviews with others. We are looking for personal experiences and any details that are meaningful, even if it’s just one incident. (“Everything still seemed normal to me until I went down the paper goods aisle in the grocery store, and all the shelves were empty.”) Our focus is not on the global situation but on ordinary life so that we can create a regional archive of experiences.

Narratives and images may be e-mailed to Those submitting their memories and any attachments grant unrestricted use to Bethlehem Public Library. Contact information will not be made public. Submissions can also be made through the library’s website at

Below are some questions to get people thinking about their quarantine memories:
  • How did the look of your neighborhood change, especially at different times of day?
  • What was the impact on events that you had already planned for (weddings, proms, birthdays, graduations, church/temple/mosque events, family reunions, etc.)?
  • How did your routines change? What was the first thing you thought of every morning?
  • How did you keep in touch with people you normally saw on a regular basis?
  • Did you lose touch with anyone as a result of quarantine?
  • Or did you reconnect with someone you had previously lost touch with?
  • If you worked from home, what were the negative aspects? Were there any positives?
  • Did you get to know your neighbors better?
  • Did you witness an unusual act of kindness?
  • How easy/difficult was it to manage emotions, and anxiety?
  • Did you spend more time thinking about the past?
Bethlehem Public Library is located at 451 Delaware Avenue in Delmar. Call (518) 439-9314 or visit for more information. The library is temporarily closed to the public, but curbside pickup is available Monday-Friday, from 2-6 p.m.
Kristen Roberts, Public Information Specialist