Rail Trail Art Scavenger Hunt Planned for Summer 2023

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February 22, 2023
ART invites our creative community to contribute sculptures responding to the theme
 "Fantastical Creatures" to be installed along the Rail Trail. The 2023 Summer Scavenger Hunt will begin on July 1st and continue through the month. Artwork will be installed by ART  volunteers adjacent to the trail, affixed to benches, trees, guard rails, etc. Some considerations regarding your submission-
**Artwork should be roughly between the size of a softball and a beach ball.
**Artwork should be made with durable materials designed to withstand the elements.
**Artwork should be low cost to produce (found/recycled materials, pre-existing pieces, eco- friendly).
**Artwork should NOT be made of fragile materials such as glass, and if composed of multiple parts, those must be securely connected.
**Artwork should be delivered to ART C/O Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy located at 425 Kenwood Ave, Delmar, between June 1st and June 15th.
ART must approve submissions prior to artwork delivery. ART reserves the right to decline works that are physically unstable, could pose a risk to public safety, or could contain content not aligned with a general audience.
To participate, please complete this form by April 15, 2023.
Please email questions to art@mohawkhudson.org or call Julie at 518-330-5598.
We would love for you to participate in this great event!
art@mohawkhudson.org, 518-330-5598