Bethlehem Grange Continues Collections in Selkirk

January 11, 2022
The Bethlehem Grange #137, located at 24 Bridge St, Selkirk, continues their collections for 2022 including:
Clothing Shed for used clothes, shoes, linens, etc.
Recyclable cans and bottles to help defray the costs of running the Grange. They are located behind the Grange.
Eye glasses, and hearing aids that go to the Lion’s Club.
Aluminum tabs from soda, cat food, soup, etc. for the Ronald McDonald House.
Tattered flags, which can be left in the donation mailbox in the front of the building.
Food donations - which are passed on to local food pantries.
Pet items ie: carriers, dog food, old towels and blankets that can be used for the animal shelters.
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