LGC Nutrition Now Accepting Health Insurance

August 07, 2019
LGC Nutrition is excited to announce that we now accept CDPHP, MVP, UHC and Medicare insurance.

We offer individual, in person Medical Nutrition Therapy counseling.  Any stage of chronic kidney disease, diabetes types 1 and 2, and hypertension are three very common conditions that proper nutrition and guidance can have a significant, positive impact on. We will work on behavior changes and how to create nutrition balance, while making sure you don’t feel deprived or even worse… hungry! Because let’s be honest, is a life without your favorite foods even worth living?!

We currently accept CDPHP, MVP,  United HealthCare and Medicare insurances.  Don’t have one of these?  Let me know.  A Superbill allows for you to be directly reimbursed by your insurance company for our visit – with any kind of insurance!